Amanda Lillian Mills is a freelance photographer, wardrobe stylist, art director and visual artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has been photographing, styling and art directing shoots since 2008. Amanda co-founded and operated a multifunctional, all-ages art space called Cocoon Room from 2012-2014, during that time she curated art shows, band performances, a clothing boutique, and created large scale art installations for the gallery.   

Amanda founded Sunshine Acid Designs in 2012, with the launch of a nature-inspired jewelry line, which was made from all repurposed, and up-cycled materials. This brand grew to incorporate a vintage clothing collection, called Sunshine Acid Vintage, which was sold exclusively at Cocoon Room. {Sunshine Acid Vintage now operates online via Etsy, and various markets throughout Milwaukee.}

Over the last two years, Amanda has delved into the world of costume and production design. Her work has been featured in various short films and music videos, four of which were featured in the 2016 Milwaukee Film Festival, and one which won the Cream City Film Award for Best Music Video (WebsterX’s “Lately”). 

Her design aesthetic has been noted for its ability to remain ambiguous to any certain time period, rather, it combines futuristic elements, and vintage pieces to give distinct feelings of a time and place, but hard to define. A keen eye for detail, and engaging color palettes are what make her work truly stand out. Her photography is versatile, from conceptual and creative portraiture to candid lifestyle imagery and examinations of the natural world. 





  • Freelance photographer for Wisconsin Gazette + Milwaukee Magazine. 
  • Freelance wardrobe stylist for various music videos + short films.
  • Event Organizer for Milwaukee Psychfest, Art Market Director.
  • Creative Director + Co-founder of Counter Craft Collective.
  • Event Coordinator + Organizer for Counter Craft Night Markets.
  • Seamstress + In-House Photographer for The Mini Classy, 2015-2017.
  • Stylist for Wisconsin Green Living Festival fashion show, 2015.
  • Stylist for Century of the City fashion show, Milwaukee City Center, 2014. 
  • Freelance stylist assistant for Kohl's Corporation. 2014
  • Stylist and featured designer for Paleontology of a Woman fashion show, Milwaukee Public Museum, 2013.
  • Art Director + stylist for Milwaukee Bike to Work Week fashion show, 2013. 
  • Stylist for Femme Adorn II + III fashion shows, Milwaukee, WI. 2013-2014.